Making it Profitable

Farmers know that growing a quality crop isn’t enough to be profitable.  They must also sell that product in an increasingly complex market.  By knowing the quality of the product, the seller has more control over when and where to sell his grain and oil seeds.  The CropScan 3300H gives that important protein, oil and moisture information for wheat and barley right on the combine.  Percent oil and moisture content will be displayed when harvesting canola.  Field averages and load averages are measured and displayed in the cab before the load is dumped from the combine.  Storage or blending decisions are available immediately without driving to the elevator or lab to get results.

Some producers want control to blend their grain qualities to improve profits, because they know that the elevators are blending for profits after delivery.  Now some of that blending can be done on the farm.
For some farms, segregating may be a better option, as shown in worksheets below.

Hard Red WheatHardRedWheat


Soft White WheatSoftWhiteWheat


Malt BarleyMaltBarley