CropScanAg Farm Data Manager Mapping Service

CropScanAg Farm Data Manager Mapping Service… a new approach to nutrient management on farm.

CropscanAg Solutions offers farmers a means of increasing productivity and profitability by 10-30% through a combination of services;

1.Real-time in field measurements of Protein, Yield and Soil Moisture.

2.Collecting, collating and processing the farm field data and generating a complete set of Field Maps;

  • Protein, Oil, Mositure, Starch Maps
  • Yield Maps
  • Protein/Yield Correlation Quadrant Maps
  • Nitrogen Removal Maps
  • Sulphur Removal Maps
  • Potassium Removal Maps
  • Phosphorous Removal Maps
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency Maps
  • Water Use Efficiency Maps

3.Creating Variable Rate Fertilization Prescriptions based on real Nitrogen measurements

4. Soil and Moisture Diagnosis and Remediation

CropScanAg Mapping Service Brochure