CropScanAg Solutions Nutrient Management System

CropScanAg Solutions Nutrient Management System… a new approach to nutrient management on farm.

CropscanAg Solutions offers farmers a means of increasing productivity and profitability by 10-30% through a combination of services;

1.Real-time in field measurements of Protein, Yield and Soil Moisture.

2.Collecting, collating and processing the farm field data and generating a complete set of Field Maps;

  • Protein, Oil, Mositure, Starch Maps
  • Yield Maps
  • Protein/Yield Correlation Quadrant Maps
  • Nitrogen Removal Maps
  • Sulphur Removal Maps
  • Potassium Removal Maps
  • Phosphorous Removal Maps
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency Maps
  • Water Use Efficiency Maps

3.Creating Variable Rate Fertilization Prescriptions based on real Nitrogen measurements

4. Soil and Moisture Diagnosis and Remediation

5. Green House Gas Emission Management

CropScanAg Nutrient Management System Brochure