Pilot Field:

A comprehensive Field Soil Testing and Mapping Service. 1 to 3 fields across a farm are extensively examined and modelled for soil type, water storage and nutrient composition. Then using the information from these fields and the Protein, Moisture, Oil, Carbohydrates, Nitrogen, Sulphur and other micro nutrient data collected using the CropScan 3300H, Soil Testing, Top Soil Mapper, Soil Probes and Weather Stations, a comprehensive set of diagnostic and plant fertility maps are provided along with consultative services;

In-field Investigation

Assessment of key soil types (as identified by grower or PA Map analysis) – Typically it is recommended that 3 soil types are focussed on in any initial investigation. This information Includes report and management guide (Crop Productivity Assessment).


Field Systems are available for on-farm consulting throughout the season and this can be arranged as an annual retainer or at an hourly rate. Field Systems are also available as a remote consulting service via phone and email which is arranged as a retainer or an hourly rate.

Precision Ag

Interpretation of current precision agriculture maps and the generation of new information by soil type across the property to develop a comprehensive soil management plan for all soil types under production. All we require is your raw data files from your header or tractor and we can process the data and provide meaningful insights from all of your collected data