Introducing the CropScan 3300H, the first reliable and accurate on combine quality analyzer

cropscanlogoThe concept is simple:  Install a sensor on your combine that will analyze your harvested crop for qualities such as protein and moisture in wheat and barley, or oil, protein and moisture in canola.  Link the quality readings with GPS locations to create a map that can be used for agronomic improvements.  Display field averages, load averages and instant readings for immediate and future marketing.  Store your data in the cloud to access whenever you need to sell your crop.


What Our Customers Think

I used the CropScan in my HRW wheat crop last season for the first time – yields were phenomenal but protein was highly variable due to growing conditions.  Now that I have protein maps I know exactly how to change my variable rate fertilizing program in order to make protein in the future and avoid discounts at the elevator.

The CropScan did its thing.  I didn’t have to baby it or monitor it.  This is the next layer to manage our fields.

“I’m particularly impressed with the way the sample device worked faultlessly for the entire time requiring no maintenance at all after almost 5 weeks of continuous operation and also pleased with the ease of dealing with any software issues online remotely mostly without me stopping harvesting”.

Watch the CropScan 3300H in action

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