CropScanAG Solutions

The CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyser provides a layer of agronomic information not previously available to farmers, i.e., Nitrogen Uptake and Availability. The CropScan 3300H measures Protein, Oil, Moisture, Starch and Fibre in cereal grains and oilseeds as they harvested in the field. By combining these data with the GPS coordinates and Yield off the combine, then a more complete picture can be obtained on how your crops have performed.

The Protein and Yield data collected across your farm are very valuable if you can use them to better understand the variability in Nitrogen availability and uptake across your fields. CropScanAg Solutions can help farmers to maximise investments in Precision Agriculture by capturing the data, presenting it in meaningful maps and providing Variable Rate Fertilization prescriptions and soil treatment recommendations.

CropScanAg Solutions is a service available to any farmer who has a CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyser installed in their combine. Our specialists in farm data management, soil science and data collection can capture Protein, Moisture, Yield and GPS data off the combine and provide a comprehensive set of field maps including:

  • Protein, Moisture, Oil
  • Yield
  • Nitrogen, Sulphur, Potassium and Phosphorous Removal
  • Protein/Yield Correlation Quadrants
  • Gross Margin

CropScanAg Solutions can also offer a suite of weather and soil testing systems from Pessl, GmbH. Their soil moisture probes with telemetry provide a continuous record of how much water is available in the soil. Their weather station provides a record of the rainfall, humidity and temperature across the farm. As well Top Soil Mapping with 4 depth bands can provide so that a complete description of the soil types and depths can be overlayed against the other measured layers. Based on the soil and weather data, CropScanAg Solutions’ soil scientists and agronomists can provide soil diagnosis and recommendations for remedial action across the farm.

Lastly, the Holy Grail for farmers is a simple yet accurate Variable Rate Fertilization Prescription for their fields. CropScanAg Solutions can generate VRF Prescriptions based on Nitrogen Uptake and Availability across the farm. The farmers receive downloadable Shape files with simple VRF prescriptions that can be loaded directly to the spreader or sprayer.