N-GAUGE Nutrient Manager App

It’s time to N-GAUGE your data

N-GAUGE delivers a complete set of farm field maps to the farmer and their agronomist directly to their iOS or Android smart devices.

The maps include:

  • Protein, Moisture, Oil, Starch, Fiber
  • Yield and Elevation
  • Protein/Yield Correlation Quadrants
  • Nitrogen, Sulphur, Potassium and Phosphorous Removal
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE)

The N-GAUGE Nutrient Manager App generates VRF prescription maps using grid lines that are aligned automatically to your AB lines in the field. The grids show the recommended fertilizer application rate based on the Protein/Yield Correlation Quadrant maps and desired Yield for each field. The farmer and their agronomist can click onto each grid location and increase or decrease the rates based on their local knowledge.

Once the VRF prescription maps are finalized, N-GAUGE sends them to the CASEIH AFS, New Holland PLM or John Deere Operations Centre platforms to them be downloaded directly to the farmer’s sprayer, seeder or speader.

N-GAUGE Nutrient Manager App Brochure