Introducing the NEW

CropScan 4000VT NIR On Combine Grain Analyser

CropScanAg is excited to announce that the CropScan 4000VT is now fully integrated into the MY23/24 Case IH 50 Series and New Holland CR combines. The CropScan 4000VT is ISOBUS compatible and runs a Virtual Terminal on the Pro 700 and IntelliView IV monitors. By reading CANBUS messages from the combine, such as Crop Type, Grower-Farm-Field, Rotor Engage, Yield and Tank Weight, the CropScan 4000VT offers seamless integration between the CropScan and the combine.


  • Near Infrared Transmission Technology; the world standard for measuring whole grains and oil seeds
  • REAL-TIME Protein, Moisture, Oil, Fibre and Starch data, across major crop types
  • New NIR ECU – Linux OS running ISOBUS Virtual Terminal on Pro 700 and Intelliview IV monitors
  • Data syncs directly to N-GAUGE app and server
  • New Sample Head design; Increased 3-4 second scan speed for high density field maps

  • Over 20 years of data collected for our calibration sets


  • Higher Spatial Density Data Maps, 180 readings per hectare or 72 readings per acre
  • Calibrations include: Wheat, Barley, Canola, Lentils, Chick Peas, Lupins, Rice, Oats, Corn, Soybeans.
  • Larger Sample Head to ensure flow of corn and soybeans
  • Automatic Start and Stop using CANBUS messages
  • ISOBUS Integration allows for easier operation and fewer monitors in the cab