CropScanAg Solutions Testimonials

CropScan did its thing

The CropScan did its thing. I didn’t have to baby it or monitor it. This is the next layer to manage our fields.

Jess Wood
Montana, USA

I Know Exactly How to Change my Variable Rate Fertilizing Program

I used the CropScan in my HRW wheat crop last season for the first time – yields were phenomenal but protein was highly variable due to growing conditions. Now that I have protein maps I know exactly how to change my variable rate fertilizing program in order to make protein in the future and avoid discounts at the elevator.

Josh Jones
Troy, Idaho

The Sample Device Worked Faultlessly

I’m particularly impressed with the way the sample device worked faultlessly for the entire time requiring no maintenance at all after almost 5 weeks of continuous operation and also pleased with the ease of dealing with any software issues online remotely mostly without me stopping harvesting.

Graham Popperwell
Western Australia

I Can See this Technology on Every Combine in the Future

The ability to map protein and combine it with yield mapping is where the magic happens. The sensor gives you an average protein and moisture content for each hopper load. In cereals this may help you segregate high versus low protein wheat or malt barley. I’ve seen some producers do their own on farm blending using a grain cart. This technology would make it that much easier to blend grain when you know what you have.

I can see this technology on every combine in the future as it holds great potential to evaluate components of your agronomy program like fertility, fungicides, seeding rates and varieties. It can also be used to segregate grain based on moisture or protein content.

Steve Larocque
Beyond Agronomy, Alberata, Canada

The On Combine Protein Analyser is a Tool of Exceptional Value

The Yield map correlates directly to soil performance and the Protein map is a very good proxy for plant performance. The Nitrogen data is what makes everything else fit together, ie, productivity and performance. The on combine protein analyser is a tool of exceptional value whose true value is only just starting to be well enough understood.

Michael Ayers
Field Systems, Adelaide, SA, Australia

It All Makes Sense

20 years of Yield Maps… cool but what do I do with them. 2 years of Protein Maps and it all makes sense.

Chris Holland
Young, NSW, Australia

The Missing Piece has Always Been Protein

The point is that we don’t get any profit benefit when our protein goes over 10.5% because we don’t get paid a lot for protein, we get paid for tonnes, so we’re not really getting any money back for nitrogen we’re putting on if it isn’t increasing yield.

The question is, how do you know what you’re doing is right? That did bug me,” said Matt. Your yields might go up and that’s great, but yield is only one part of the puzzle. The missing piece has always been protein.

Matt Hill
Esperance, WA, Australia

Best PA Tool Around

Making another $20/ha today by blending these two 100ha fields, not to mention the extra 6hrs of harvesting with moisture blending the last day and a half. Best PA tool around.

Broden Holland
New South Wales

Makes Blending a Breeze

Very happy with the decision to put a protein meter in the combine. Makes blending a breeze, not to mention the extra data for variable rate.

Bradon Mott
Western Australia