Synchronise your CropScan On Combine Grain Analyser data with N-GAUGE HARVEST MANAGER connecting your team and advisors. Track and trace every grain tank load, from the field to the grain buyer, utilising the user friendly Grain Logistics module. Explore detailed insights with field layers showcasing Protein, Moisture, Oil, and Yield to enhance your harvest management.


• Create and assign loads to grain contracts

• Add or delete storage locations (new combine storage location now available)

• View current field average for quantity and quality

• View running averages for all in-field and site storage locations

• Transfer grain from one storage location to another

• Split grain transfers across two storage locations

• Simulate grain blending based on Protein or Moisture into two or more storage locations

• View Protein, Oil, Moisture and CANBUS Yield maps (Yield on CNHi Combines Only)

• Customisable layer legends

N-GAUGE HARVEST MANAGER is offered as a subscription, AUD$750 annually per Farming Organisation.

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