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N-GAUGE Grain Logistics App

It’s time to N-GAUGE your data

CropScanAg N-GAUGE Grain Logistics App tracks grain transfers from the harvester to the grain buyer. Farmers using the CropScan On Combine Grain Analysers can access the N-GAUGE App to sync virtual grain transfers from the field to farm site storage locations. Farmers can view the quality and quantity attributes of each load of grain from the harvester display to other partners across the farm via a smart device.

The customisable Virtual Grain Storage allow users to:

• Add or delete storage locations

• Transfer grain from one storage location to another

• View current field average for quantity and quality

• View running averages for all in-field and site storage locations

• Split grain transfers across two storage locations

• Simulate grain blending into two or more storage locations

• Create and email site storage reports

The CropScanAg N-GAUGE Grain Logistics App connects growers with their harvest data including quality and quantity attributes to improve on farm profitability. The N-GAUGE App simplifies the operation of the CropScan On Combine Grain Analyser Grain Logistics run screens and pushes transaction data to the farm managers phone or tablet to better manage grain deliveries. The partnering option synchronises data sharing across the farm to your workers, grain broker, advisors and agronomist. To find out more on subscriptions and pricing contact CropScanAg to link you with your nearest approved dealer.

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